FAST offers  different courses for active and future Flight Attendants

  • Pre-employment training for future flight attendants and
  • Initial Training for future flight attendants
  • Transition Training for Commercial Flight Attendants to Corporate Flight Attendants
  • Recurrent Training for Corporate Flight Attendants

A valid sign-in for each course is neseccary. Read about the contitions on our website

As a former commercial flight attendant you are familiar with the emergency and evacuation procedures as well as ditching and fire fighting. But while you can compare commercial flight attendant to a server in a restaurant a commercial flight attendant is more comparable to a personal butler for a very wealthy person who can afford their own multi million dollar aircraft. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers and their well being, but also are responsible for the catering of the aircraft, the preparation of the food and the presentation and service of the food as well as the cleaning of the aircraft and of course of feeding the cockpit crew. 

Online Recurrent Training for active Corporate Flight Attendants

This Online Recurrent Training does not substitute for practical recurrent training - which could be given to you by your pilot during preflight preparation

Before you start the training you need to provide us with a copy of your commercial flight attendant license to be allowed in this course.

Pre-employment training course to give the future Flight Attendant a thorough overview what this profession entails.